Construction and Build


*Process of construction starts after finishing detail design

  • Step 1: MOS sends construction quotation to Client. Value of quotation depends on the detail of technical drawings
  • Step 2: Signing contract AND confirming product materials
  • Step 3: Making survey of building area and planning detail for construction
  • Step 4: Executing, including phases step by step, all phases are mentioned in detail in construction planning. MOS sends reports to client and makes acceptance certificate after each phase.
  • Step 5: Finishing process of construction, making total sanitation, liquidation and handing over to client
  • Step 6: Making liquidation after finishing 2-year warranty

*Planning details are fully listed down in contract


  • Stage 1: 40% of contract value after signing contract
  • Stage 2: 40% of contract value after M&S complete 50% of construction
  • Stage 3: 20% of contract value after liquidation & handing over to client


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